Hi! My homepage contains useful information and good advice for mountaineers and rock-climbers. I began climbing on the rocks of the mountains "Zittauer Gebirge" in East Germany in 1954. Since then, I have climbed in the sandstone areas of Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Greece, in the mountains of Bulgaria, Romania, France and Italy, USA and Canada, in the Alps, of course, and in the Caucasus Mountains, on the Mount Kilimanjaro and in the mountains of Venezuela ...
Firstly I would like to report («Touren») about a climbing tour to the top of Mont Aiguille near Grenoble/France (classic route - 1492 - the origin of sporting mountaineering).
Secondly, I would like to further describe the climbing route to the top of Tepui Kukenam in Venezuela, one of the shrouded in mystery plateaus, which inspired Conan Doyle to write his legendary "The lost world".

If you have any questions or comments or ... please send me an E-mail.